Chairman Message

Just as the 21st Century had started with new hopes, in a world where capital is plentiful and technology can be bought easily, the main constraint facing businesses both large and small is the shortage of good people. Skilled and hardworking personnel are the key factors in determining business success, making good people resource in any organization


Finding people skills, experience, attitudes and personal qualities to meet the challenges facing large and small organizations is no easy task.


The Center Overseas Concern Pvt. Ltd. has a burgeoning consulting business basically providing executive-level placements. We have some talented individuals who understand that the type of candidate needed by companies these days has changed. Companies are hiring not for growth but to fix problems and candidates have to be ready to meet the challenges that such problems bring. We have a profile for these types of CAN-DO candidates, who we call “Business Builders”. These are the people who are very directed and focused and who will get the job done at the expense of consensus decision-making. 

Although they are also smart enough to know when to use consensus as the quickest path the overall goal.


The Center Overseas Concern Pvt. Ltd. is committed to helping find the best people for its clients. Our long history in Nepal, strong presence in Doha, Qatar, overseas connections, excellent reputation and continuous advertising ensures that The Center always has the best candidates. Taking the competition in today’s incredibly dynamic global markets becoming much more complex every other day into consideration, as it was in the past, our main principal will be to produce the products and service at world-wide standards much more economically than our local and international competitions. The traditional and well-known The Center’s standard shall never be ceased even under the hardest competition conditions.


Our Results are proven by the number of other recruiters in the market. If you’re foreign company, or a Doha Business concern doing business in Doha, Qatar, then I invite you to contact us a talk to a Media Representative. We have the largest volume of fresh bilingual resumes and huge Data Base of skilled and unskilled workforce, and I’m sure that there is someone who matches your needs among that we have. I would like to extend my best wishes for success and happiness to all our clients. At long last, recruiting from Nepal has taken an ethical turn. If you support our objectives, let us support yours.


Best Regards,

Suresh Kumar Ghatane